Rev. Stephen M. Rose M.A.  The Counseling Rev


“Steve is a gifted counselor and he has helped several marriages I have referred to him”
Pastor Gary

“I have appreciated the spiritual guidance he has given me in order to make the necessary changes in my life. I also appreciate his wit and humor and find myself smiling and laughing when I thought I would be sad and crying”

“His counseling helped us to; accept we had a problem, understand the nature of the difficulties, see where each of us was coming from as individuals and accept one another. Steve conducted the sessions very professionally with a positive outcome.”

Pastor Rose came alongside of us when we were ready to give up. He relies squarely on the Word of God. He knows when to be challenging and loving but most of all he knew how to help us find the truth of Scripture in the midst of life’s chaos.”
Erick & Anne

Steve has keen insight into the issues that plague relationships. He has the unique ability to help people find the positive results that bring God’s joy and peace to people’s hearts.
Pastor Dan